Friday, October 28, 2005

Harriet Miers Withdraws

Poor Harriet. I kind of feel bad for her (although the fact that she’s Bush’s lawyer doesn’t endear me to her). She didn’t ask for all this. The press have pounded her and even the Republicans didn’t like her. They don’t seem to be focusing on the fact that Bush appoints people with no apparent qualifications, to major roles in his administration. Conspiracies abound that Bush has done this so now he can nominate some staunchly conservative jurist and the people will say “oh, at least it’s not Harriet Miers”. I think the decision went more like this:

George W., Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, sit around in the Oval Office, trying to think of who to nominate for the Supreme Court.

Rove: “C'mon, let’s just pick anyone. We can do it.”

Bush: “Not just anyone.”

Cheney: “Yes, anyone.”

Rove: “The most outlandish we can think of. Just to see if we can pull it off.”

Cheney: “Oh, we can pull it off.”

Bush: “I don’t know anyone. Only Harriet but she’s never even been a judge, though.”

Rove: “That’s it, let’s nominate Harriet.”

Cheney: “I think we can do it.”

Bush: “But she’s never even been a judge. Thinks for a moment. “But she is a devout Christian.”

Rove: “There you go. Let’s do it.”

Bush: “There’s no way.”

Rove: “Sure there is. We just got a brand new justice appointed as Chief Justice, ahead of all the ones who have been there for years.“

Cheney: “And we got them to believe WMDs were in Iraq, that Saddam was connected to September 11, that Kerry was a coward…”

Rove: “We got most of the Katrina crap dumped on Mike Brown.”

Bush (excitedly) “And the media didn’t even focus that much on the fact that I’d been the one who appointed the head of a horse association to FEMA.”

Rove: “Exactly. You’re Teflon, man. So, let’s do it.”

Bush: “I don’t know. You really think we can do it?”

Cheney: “Well, if it doesn’t work out, then at least you can say that you tried to nominate a chick. If they won’t accept her, that’s their problem.”

Rove: F#c$ing brilliant!


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