Monday, October 17, 2005

Let It Rain

Dear God, it is still raining. 60 odd mm yesterday in St. John's and still going. Power outages, high winds... sniff, sniff, smells like fall.

Some venting today about simulcasting programs on our own Rogers Cable. This whole thing sucks, not just because we miss Superbowl ads but mostly because the people who set up the simulcasts don't seem to ever check the television listings in order to ensure that the show they are simulcasting is set to be on at that hour. A Nascar race on NBC Saturday night (or very early Sunday morning) was suddenly cut off, 20 minutes before the end, by a repeat of Saturday Night Live being simulcast from NTV. Argggghhhhhhh. Then last night, CTV cut off the last minutes of Desperate Housewives. Okay, so simulcasting is a necessary evil a la the CRTC but I say there should be thorough checking of the tv listings in order to keep everything consistent. I mean, how many times must one miss the first half an hour of a show (or worse yet, the last half and hour) because someone managed to miss a schedule change? I also think all simulcasts should start 8 minutes after the start of a show and end 8 minutes before the end of the show.

A small, insignificant rant today but this is just the first one and I'll be back.


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