Friday, October 21, 2005

Pitching Woo

Well, not really pitching woo but pitching yourself. It is a hard thing to do, one that Newfoundlanders don't do too well as a group. Tooting our own horns is not our strong suit so Craig Welsh over at the highly recommended Townie Bastard, has a great two part series on "How to Pitch to an Entertainment Writer". Craig actually says it is more like "a primer on what to do if you're an artist and you want to prepare your media campaign". Good stuff for anyone who needs to pitch a new artistic release (and Craig's blog is always a good read).


At 2:15 AM, Blogger towniebastard said...

Thanks for the kind words, oh mystery blogger. I appreciate it. It's also nice to know someone is reading it. You never know about these things...;)

I just put up part three. I figure there is going to be at least two more sections to it. Guess I'm more long-winded than I thought...



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