Thursday, October 20, 2005

Various Degrees of Interest

Some notes on news of varying degrees of interest. Perhaps the title is a pun since the first thing is to note that MUN's Student Union (MUNSU) are boycotting tomorrow's convocation ceremony when Inco's CEO, Scott Hand, gets an hounourary degree. The whole Inco-MUN thing feels a little sordid to me since Inco builds a big building there and now MUN gives the head honcho a degree. Plus, Inco really does have a questionable record on both enviromental issues and human rights so why is an educational institution getting wrapped up in something like that? I'll tell you. It's called the root of all evil and Axel Meisen's hand is out.

Harry Steele has been named the chair of the panel to choose the chair of the Offshore Petroleum Board. I respect Harry Steele very much and am sure he'll pick the best person for the job. I just have to wonder how he gets along with Andy Well. Has Andy burned any bridges with Steele by opening his big yap and shouting something stupid about him (I don't think even Andy has the balls to shout something at him)? Let's hope not.

Danny Williams and his government are still trying to hammer something out with Abitibi. If anyone can get something out of this for Stephenville and Grand Falls, Danny is the man.

Lastly, a woman originally from Stoneville ran her van into the water in Stonehave, New Brunswick, drowning herself and her two children. Police are still investigating but it looks like it may not have been accidental. I can't understand that. At all. But, as Ron Hynes says (not Shaye-Ron's version is a million times better), Godspeed.


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