Monday, November 07, 2005

Bleeding tongue

So, I’ve been biting and biting, trying to avoid even mentioning the G word. I mean it’s been almost a week now so I think I’ve been a good girl. Now, I’ll say it. Gomery. Are you sick of it? Maybe. Maybe you feel like a good yawn through all of it. Crooked politicians! Gasp! Someone no longer associated with the government is blamed! Shudder! I mean, come off it. Everyone knew that Paul Martin, despite being in charge of government finances at the time, would come out smelling like a rose, while the gone but never forgotten Chretian would come out smelling like your neighborhood gas station washroom after the big chili and baked bean sale.

The truth is that no one wants anything too bad to happen to Martin because we’d all like a majority government next time and as long as Harper and the reformed reformers are the main alternative, the liberals are all we’ve got. Sad, but true. The NDP have great ideas but never seem to have a chance, mainly because the west votes one way, the east another and Quebec votes en Bloc. We have four main parties in our parliament and this system makes it tough to get a clear winner. The Progressive Conservatives used to at least be a viable alternative but too many former PCs are scared of what voting Reform, Conservative would do to the country. I am (though I was never a PC, per say). I have voted for every party at one time or other but not the new Conservative Party. I get a bad feeling, when they struggle to go against the policies of their old party (or worse, to try and go back on what some idiot in their party has said), kind of like something gritty in my eyes. Must be the wool they’re trying to pull over them.

So Gomery was no big surprise. We saw the whole thing play out and knew who would fall and who would stand. I think the bigger story here is that we have a government we seemingly accept, no matter how fraudulent their crimes. I think it says more about the competition than the party itself. Maybe it says a lot about us too.


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