Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lest We Forget

Yesterday was a busy day so I never got a chance to post about Rememberance Day. It is always a contemplative day for me. I really feel sad as each year passes and we lose more of our remaining veterans of the World Wars and as less people seem to care about the unbelievable sacrifices they made. I remember it a lot, not just this time of year. I remember it every time I vote and am thankful for the opportunity, even lots of times when I post to this blog since I am thankful for the right to speak my mind. I even think of it when the fools on Survivor bawl when, after five weeks, they get letters from home. If five weeks of self imposed absence from family can make someone cry like that when they hear from home, just imagine what being in a foreign country, while practically still a child, while gunfire whirls around you, as you see your buddies dying, and know you could be next at any minute, could do to you. I don't think most of us could imagine and, thanks to those who fought for us already, most of us won't have to. There are Canadians out there fighting and peacekeeping today too and I remember them as well. Never, never, forget.


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