Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Too much of a mediocre thing

Sly Stallone is bringing back both Rocky and Rambo. Now, I'll admit I liked the original Rocky and liked the look of him in First Blood, the first Rambo movie, but the recurring skits in shows like SNL keep coming to mind. You know, they'd show a Rocky 10 preview with a cane-wielding Stallone. It was a standard joke for a while and now it's coming true. Okay, it's Rocky 6 and Rambo 4 but jees, that's too much isn't it? And oooh, guess what, Rambo goes to Vietnam for a girl. Gee, that's original. Sly said it best himself when he said (about a remake of Rocky), "Well, who would I be fighting - arthritis, a slipped disc?'"


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