Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Catching up

Ugh. Is December over yet? No, three more days left? This has not been my favourite month. I got very sick, ended up in hospital, suffered a very sad loss, then got a whopper of a cold but yet I was still able to get all the gifts for family and friends and get them wrapped. Christmas was a muted affair, foggy through a Nyquil haze and residual sadness.

The election has not been on my radar at all but I'm not sure how much it has been on everyone else's either. There are blogging controversies and the press is making a big deal of some tasteless comparisons of Olivia Chow and a Chow Chow dog with headlines like "Blog bombshell hits Grits" even though I heard not one word spoken about the "bombshell" over the holidays. For that matter, I have yet to hear one word about the upcoming election from anyone over the holidays. The only signs that it was ongoing were the Christmas cards from politicians which seemed even less genuine than ever. After New Year's now, I suspect things will heat up when we are all bored and there are no big parties on the go or shopping frenzies to partake in. Then maybe we will take notice of things like that. As for me, wake me up when December ends. Happy New Year and I'll be back to more regular blogging in 2006.


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