Friday, December 09, 2005

Slapping Wrists

So, you’re a driver who feels its okay to go get drunk and drive your vehicle, smash a car, kill a woman, and horribly injure two other people. Don’t worry about the law. While the people whose lives you have destroyed and maimed, along with their families, suffer forever, you only have to get sentenced to jail for five years. With good behaviour you’ll probably be out in two. Or if you’ve had say, several previous alcohol-related convictions, you could smash into someone’s car and seriously injure a person then receive only five months in prison and then a few months later you could drive drunk again, kill someone and then get five years and three months for your trouble. Then again, if two people are killed while you’re driving drunk, just make sure the cops get a blood sample nice and quick so you can get off with it altogether.

All this slapping wrists in our courts pisses me off. If you poach a moose or a salmon around here and you get caught, you better watch out because you’ll lose everything—your vehicle, boat, atv, and everything else you have with you but if you drive drunk, even repeatedly, you get a little pat on your finger. You have to kill someone to move up to a smack on the wrists. And what is there to dissuade these people? A prominent businessman in St. John’s just got his second impaired driving conviction and he got 14 days in jail. Don’t worry though, they won’t inconvenience him too much. He’s going to serve it on weekends and, as many people know, the pen is so full on weekends, that most times if you go there, you’ll be sent home because there’s not enough room for you to serve your sentence. Awww, it all makes me so freakin' MADD.


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