Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another political rant (damn it, I’ll stop after next week-maybe)

Now, you know I don’t want the Conservatives to win on Monday. At the very least, I could tolerate them with a minority. Still, the Liberals are making it awfully hard. I must admit that there was a lot of swearing going on at my TV last night (under my breath , of course, don’t want the little guy repeating that to Nan and Pop) when Paul Martin stood up at a rally in Newfoundland to say he was proud of the Atlantic Accord (picture a finger stuck in my mouth in a gesture like I’m going to throw up).

He said he was proud because “… the people of Newfoundland and Labrador want to control their own destiny, and that a substantial part of that is the Atlantic Accord, and that I played a role in that." Um, okay, I can’t deny that you played a role in it, if you mean the role of having to be coerced and dragged kicking and screaming to give us what we wanted. If you mean that we learned to “control our own destiny” by contacting you by the thousands via email, phone, fax, letter and a website developed exactly for that purpose. If you mean that our premier had to get snotty and take down the Canadian flags because he would not accept your paltry original offer, then yes sir, you sure had a part in it.

But then you have the Conservatives and now even one of the remaining Progressive Conservatives has made a fauz pas when Peter MacKay told Alexa McDonough that she should “stick to your knitting” on live radio. Tsk, tsk, Peter. That was a silly thing to do. We look to you as one of the rational, nonfanatical, open-minded people in the party. I wish I could have seen Peter MacKay’s face the instant after he said that. Too bad it wasn’t on TV. Pretty sure Peter would have has his own hand clamped over his mouth with an “oh, shit” look on his face. Time to go back to the potato patch a la your post-Belinda-break-up, Peter, and look all sad and remorseful. But I won’t hold a simple slip of the tongue against you. I don’t think you meant it that way. I think you were just goofin' around. Besides, I have other stuff to hold against you like bringing the Reform party into an unholy alliance with the PCs and that after your handshake and promise not to do so. See, now that is worth holding against you.


At 11:03 AM, Blogger Stephen Eli Harris said...

Polical rants are fun to write and better to read!

I can't believe that Martin brought up the Atlantic Accord actually. The people of our Province know how hard Danny had to fight for our fair deal. Martin tried, and tried hard, to back of that promise (like all the rest) and our people remember that.

I do fear, however, that our people are no looking to the Conservatives because of Danny. Sure, he's a great guy and is doing wonders for the province but, that does not mean a Conservative governement is right for us. There is a distinction between the two and I don't know if we're realizing that.

I guess we'll find out tomorrow.



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