Friday, January 06, 2006

Be afraid

Okay, I am afraid. I think the Conservatives are, with a couple of exceptions,
nothing but prettied up reformers. Peter McKay was a pretty good guy but he lied in order to get to be the leader of the PCs. Then there was his pathetic display as the dumped boyfriend, in a potato patch wearing rubber boots and petting his puppy dog. Talk about losing respect for someone. I think that some of the Conservatives are quite radical right-wingers and I think the conservative vision of our country is pretty much the exact opposite of mine. I am a “small l” liberal. I am for gay marriage and equal rights for everyone. I’m even okay with the legalization of marijuana. The first thing I did when Jean Chretian announced that we weren’t going into the Iraq debacle was to email him with my sincere gratitude. I’m pretty sure Mr. Harper would have had us over there in a flash. And I think public health care is a necessity. So, I am pretty nervous about new polls showing the Conservatives ahead of the Liberals.

But I am not surprised. This government has to be the most corrupt I’ve seen in my lifetime. I cringe at all the news of investigations, inquiries, fraud and possible insider trading. My only hope is that the Conservatives only get a minority which would last about five minutes, I think, with the Libs and NDP ganging up against them. Maybe Martin would then resign and allow some fresh, untainted with the stink of this government, leader to emerge. Hmmm. Did anyone say Captain Canada? Nah, he's spending all that time with what seems like thirty odd jobs his family.


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