Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Papers, and by extension in this day of the electronic media, the web pages of those papers, report the good news that the miners in West Virginia have been rescued. The good old Google News still shows the Globe and Mail web page that says "12 miners found alive", the San Jose Mercury News says "Miners found alive". Many more web pages still spread the false news, somehow relayed to relieved families only to devastate them hours later with the truth: all except one of the 13 miners in an explosion died. One can only imagine what those families felt. From the depths of doubt and despair that their family members may have died, to the ecstasy and relief of finding out they were alive to the cruelty and devastation of learning the truth. Their pain is unimaginable and their bitterness must be huge. I suppose lawyers are swarming for the eventual lawsuits and we know the media have inundated the small town where it happened. My heart goes out to the families.


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