Tuesday, January 03, 2006

HST -- Harmonized Stunned Tax

So, CBC is reporting that sealers suddenly have to cough up HST on the sale of their seal pelts, retroactively. Okay, it is one thing to expect the sale for new pelts, another again to expect sealers to pay up for years past when there is no way they can recoup it from their customers and pass it on in the way of higher prices. It seems that the sealers were always supposed to pay the tax but they didn't realize it. The question is how did the feds fail to notice that the sealers were not paying until now? It goes back several years, according to the CBC. How long does it take someone to figure out that no HST is coming from the sealers? Also, where was the FFAW in all of this? Didn't they ever realize the sealers were supposed to pay HST?

Whatever the reasons and whoever missed the boat on this, it seems pretty stupid for them to all of a sudden ask for big money from sealers, many of them probably already hurting from a pretty lackluster season in sealing, fishing and crab. I think the fishers should get a break on this one, at least retroactively. Sure b'y, it's only fair.


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