Sunday, January 22, 2006

Newfoundland Writers Nominated for Commonwealth Writers Prize

I heard on CBC radio yesterday morning that out of six Canadian books short-listed for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize, two are from Newfoundland. Lisa Moore’s Alligator and Donna Morrissey’s Sylvanus Now were both short-listed from the Carribean and Canada region (together because who doesn’t automatically think of Canada when they think Caribbean). Congrats indeed. I wanted to post a link to some news article about this but despite trying since yesterday have found none. Even the website for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize says, as of this posting. Shortlist to be announced soon.

While I’m on books and writing, Paul Butler has a contest on the go for the best Newfoundland and Labrador book. You can check it out on his website. I only saw one mention of either of the books nominated for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize there though. Sylvanus Now got a nod from someone and Morrissey's other novel, Kit's Law, was mentioned several times as well.


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