Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Rabbittown, the new NL series from Adriana Maggs and Sherry White airs tonight. I can't wait. I rewatched Hatching Matching and Dispatching the other night and liked it even more than last time. With H,M, and D regulars like Sherry White and Joel Hynes in it, not to mention the genius of Andy Jones, Rabbittown should be a fun watch.

I am also looking forward to the open lines tomorrow and CBC Radio Noon's sopabox since I'm sure lots of people will be calling in to complain like they did with Hatching. Upstrapless viewers seem fine if funny, irrevrant, satirical shows are shown locally. Their concerns come from a national audience seeing it. They worry that Canada will think that all Newfoundlanders are like the characters on the show. Well, some of us are. I know someone like almost every character on Hatching and I bet I will find the same with Rabbittown. That doesn't mean everyone in Newfoundland is like it. No one in NY goes ballistic when Law and Order shows a homeless person or a corrupt politician or a gang member or some sick serial murder. NYers don't go, "oh my God, now they'll think we're all murderers". It was the same with The Shipping News a few years back. One child molester from Newfoundland in it and people complained "oh, they showed Newfoundlanders as child molesters". Grow up. Newfoundlanders are complex people just like everywhere else. We are lawyers, teachers, students, street people, publishers, actors, mechanics, singers, alcoholics, accountants, plumbers, drug addicts, housewives, social workers, geniuses, idiots, the average, the ignorant, the open minded and everything else. Some have thick accents and some hardly any at all. We are people and we are all individuals. No one tv show or movie or book or news story can pigeonhole us as a group. Let's just have fun with it and be glad that young, local talent are making their own way and doing what they want to do where they want to do.

I'll be back tomorrow to let you know how Rabbittown was, in my opinion.


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