Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Surprise, surprise

There was no rush to turn on the radio this morning. Most mornings, I can't wait to hear the dulcet tones of Jeff Gilhooly on Radio One, telling me interesting stories from the area. This morning, though, I knew it would be a rehash of the election and that people might actually use three words I never want to hear together (and will try to avoid using myself)--the word "Prime" followed by the word "Minister" then the word "Harper". Shudder.

It was the best outcome I could have hoped for. It was a Conservative victory but at least a minority government. And there were some surprises:

- The Liberals won a lot more seats than most expected. I half expected the decimation of them a la the PCs post Mulroney (I know Kim Campbell was the PM when they went down in flames but I'll always believe it was a Mulroney backlash--Kim didn't have time to piss us off) according to the pundits. The fact that they got so many seats is a good sign that they could pull themselves together once they clean up their stinky act.

- Martin didn't miss a beat before quitting as leader of the party. I think it was the only logical move since Martin had the stench of scandalized Liberals all over him but I figured he'd give the leader of the opposition position a bit of a go first. Now the Liberals are forced to try to keep the Harper government in power while they find a new leader.

- The NDP did better than expected. The strategic voting must not have happened as much as anticipated and people must have "loaned" them their votes as Jack Layton requested. Good on them.

-The Conservatives got seats in Quebec. Mon Dieu!

-The Bloc lost seats and, presumably strength, in Quebec. Since the Bloc had conservative origins, it seems that people may be looking to the other conservatives and backing away from a regional party. That could bode very interesting in the future.

-I found myself turning from CBC (I love CBC) to CTV more often than I thought, both because of extra local coverage from NTV (I do NOT like NTV but I'll give them that) and the panel on CTV which was much more interesting than the dullards on CBC. I found myself listening to Brian Tobin most of all. He fascinates me. He is Bill Clintonesque--full of charisma and a consummate bullshitter politician. On the other hand, Bill Clinton was a Rhodes scholar and Mr. Tobin, not so much. But mostly I listened for the hints of his leadership aspirations. I didn't hear any but I was flicking back and forth to several channels plus the radio. Still, he was interesting to watch and I have no doubt he'll be throwing his hat, and patented elbow-grabbing-handshake, in the ring.

Other things were not surprising. The conservatives won. Fabian Manning took the seat of Avalon from the Liberals. A well-respected man running in a constituency disappointed in their Liberal representative. No shocker there and congrats to Mr. Manning. St. John’s and area remained Tory blue. The west stayed Conservative. Rex Murphy was once again relegated to read emails on the coverage. Some things will never change.


At 11:46 PM, Blogger Stephen Eli Harris said...

I was turning from CBC a whole lot in attempt to find results on the Green Party. Sadly, they left them completly. I was a little upset about this, as you can imagine.

It's very good that things turned out this way and I'm willing to give the Connies a chance... albeit a small one.



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