Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Here come the judge

Supreme Ciurt nominee Justice Marshall Rothstein, was "grilled" yesterday by a panel of MPs. At the beginning of the proceedings co-chair Peter Hogg, Osgoode Hall Law School dean and a non-MP, stated that Rothstein would not be able to answer any questions about "controversial subjects" so no one could ask about abortion, same-sex marriage or secession. After three hours of this foolishness, we now await Harper's decision on whether or not he will appoint this judge to the Supreme Court. Now, Harper nominated him and the MP panel who questioned the nominee has no say on whether or not he gets to the Supreme Court so the whole process was the equivalent to watching me bash my head against a wall for three hours (although I think my head bashing would be more entertaining if just because it would be weird after a while--will she pass out or not?). I guess Bush and Cheney might be happy with it, though, because we are looking more like them every day: lots of hoopla, pomp and circumstance but nothing actually going on except whatever the guy at the top wants.


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