Monday, February 06, 2006

How It May Have Happened: Cartoonish

Sometimes I find myself wondering how things went down. I wonder when something big happens and maybe people didn't see it coming, how exactly it all started out. From time to time, in this blog, I am going to imagine how such things may have played out (at least in my silly mind and in a truly fictional way).

From inside the daily publication meeting in the offices of Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten:

Editor: “We had better get some big news soon or this paper is sunk.

Cartoonist: “What about those cartoons we printed last year. That got a stir. Maybe we could do something like that.”

Reporter: “Nah. It wasn’t that big a deal. The international press didn’t even really pick it up.”

Pee-on who brings coffee and donuts to the meeting: “Then get them to run the cartoons”. He chuckles.

Editor (snapping fingers): “I know what we can do. We’ll get our fellow papers to reprint it and… hmmmm, how can we make this a new story?”

Pee-on (oblivious to the fact the editor has even heard his idea): “You know, get them to say it’s all about the freedom of the press. That gets everyone going.”

Editor: “I’ve got it. This is all about freedom of the press. People are being prevented from using their God-given right to make fun of religion. Jesus Christ, this is a brilliant idea. I’m so happy I came up with it.”

Reporter: “What are you talking about? The coffee guy came up with it.”

Editor: “What?. You can't undermine me like that. You’re fired.”

Reporter: “What about the freedom of the press? What about my right to free express…”

Editor: “Shut up. We’ve all got a lot of work to do. Except you.”

(This was all in Danish, mind you)

*I hope no one else gets hurt (and am very sorry that anyone has been hurt) in the terrible anger that came out of the cartoons printed in Denmark and reprinted across Europe. I believe in freedom of the press but, as a great cartoon character once said, "with great power comes great responsibility".


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