Thursday, March 30, 2006

Budget day today

I am a bit of a political fan (more provincial than federal) so today is interesting because the provincial budget comes down. I like the scattered surprise and even though the government seems to have released a lot of the big announcements in advance, I think Danny and the crowd have a few more surprises up their sleeves. My sources (David Cochrane on CBC's The Morning Show) tell me (okay, tells everyone who was listening to the radio at the time) that some more budget tidbits are:

  • A 70 million dollar surplus from last year's budget.

  • School fees will be eliminated.

  • Two new ferries.

  • That Alzheimers drug people have been trying to get added to the province's drug plan will be added.

  • The income level of those who qualify for the province's drug card program will increase meaning more low income earners will qualify. (I think this is a great move since people who don't work can qualify but someone who is busting his/her ass trying to make ends meet on a minimum wage job, cannot get drug coverage. The system is almost set up to encourage people to choose social assistance if they or their children have a medical problem requiring prescription drugs).

  • Fifty million in road work (That sounds like a lot but this problem needs more put in it. The province's roads are deteriorating and if we don't get them fixed up it will lead to more long-term problems. Actually, maybe that's what the government wants. After all, road repair means more jobs that are not officially 'make work').


At 11:31 AM, Blogger Mireille Sampson said...

I'll agree on the road works. My dad works in the industry and his company has done several "emergency tenders" for bridges; this is what happens when a chunk of a bridge falls away.

Also happy to hear about the help for lower-incomes, espcially the health care.

There are still health problems out around the bay though, my mother complained about hospitals reducing their services. She had seven of us kids and she said she very glad she's not having children out there now because of the lack of services...if something went wrong there isn't much help. Ah, always something to complain about;)


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