Saturday, March 04, 2006

Danny Williams on Larry King Live

I know the blogs will be inundated with this discussion so I'm not going to beat it around too much. Anyone looking at it couldn't help but think the same thing: Paul McCartney looking like a doddering old fool who didn't even know where he was, Heather Mills playing the role of bitch superbly, Larry King playing an even older and more doddering fool, and Danny Williams trying desperately to get his point across while Heather's shrill bark overpowered him. I kept talking to the screen and saying "say this" or "say that" to Danny whenever something would come up but the truth is I think he did a pretty good job. There are things I wish he'd said and things I wished he hadn't but I wasn't there getting squealed at by Heather Mills with practically no moderation from Larry King. Larry is, after all, a friend of Heather (she has even been guest host on his show for him before). For God's sake, the man can look at the word "found" and somehow pronounce it "fin" as in "Newfinland", no matter how many times Danny pronounced it right.

Danny showed huge class by inviting the McCartneys to Newfoundland and Labrador (although you know Danny must have been hoping Heather would go back to her "baby"--a two year plus toddler by now--so he wouldn't have to listen to that crazy, shrill, voice of hers).

Danny tried to hit home his points by talking about international organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and the UN (and we all know how much Americans care about what the UN thinks) which I think was the way to go. Still, Danny had at the most ten minutes of (constantly interrupted) speaking time to the McCartneys who had the other 50 minutes including one full half hour at the beginning to say whatever the hell they pleased without anyone asking them to back up a point.

I think anyone who didn't know anything about the seal hunt going into it, would get a very skewed point of view and is probably donating money to the anti-seal crowd as we speak. But Danny did his best and at least he got our point out there, sort of. I'm still glad he did it because without him it would have been a full hour without counterpoint (and I could have kissed him when he brought up overfishing by the EU community).

Best moment of the night: The employees of CNN placing the label under Paul McCartney on the screen: "Sir Paul McCartney in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island" at the exact same time Paul is saying: "I am in Newfoundland now".


At 10:09 PM, Blogger NL-ExPatriate said...

You make some good points especially the fact that Mr Williams brought up the EU over fishing.

Here are some links on topic.


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At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Chris said...

I have to agree with everything you said. It seems people like Paul Mccartney pick a topic that will be easy to run just to keep their name in the media. With that said maybe Paul should give up on the persuit because his wife has a big enough mouth for the two of them.


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