Friday, March 17, 2006

The Great Canadian Conspiracy

First of all, let me say that last night I won. Yes, dear reader, you may be envious but I have won a prize in the great Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim contest. This after the approximately hundred coffees my husband and I have purchased since the contest started this year. Before last night, none of these coffees had amounted to anything except a delicious java taste and Please Play Agains. Despite the fact that my local Tims has given away over 2500 winners and others in the surrounding areas we frequent have given away hundreds of others. But last night my trembling hands rolled up the rim to reveal a free coffee. Now in other, perhaps more lucky years, we have had little pieces of coffee cups with free cookies, coffees, muffins, and donuts, piled up all around but this year seems to be a bad batch for us. However, I am told I am not alone. None of my friends have won anything either. Neither have their friends. What is happening? Could Tim Hortons be fibbing about the hundreds of winners? Could there be a conspiracy theory in all of this? I ask you (and not just because everyone flocks to talk about conspiracy theories and people searching for such things may find my blog).

So here is my idea. I think, in an effort to bump up coffee sales in their US market, Tims has shifted most of the winning cups south of the border. The age old Canadian tradition of rolling our rims (not to mention our Rs) is being exported to the big ol' US of A. I for one am disgusted and vow to not let this happen. Although I have absolutely no proof, I will spread the word of this controversy far and wide (or at least to the half dozen people who regularly read my blog and those who use search engines to find any blog posts about controversies, Danny Williams, Paul McCartney, seals, sealing videos, the Golden Globes, the Oscars, curling and bleeding tongues). It is one thing to take our softwood and ban our beef but damn it, we're Canadians, you Yankees, and don't screw with our Tims!


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