Saturday, March 18, 2006


Shhh, I have a secret. A dirty little secret. Last summer I watched J.D. Fortune win Rock Star INXS. Worse, still, I watched pretty much every episode of the show. So, I was interested in who might be the band this year. I made guesses, like lots of others did, but there was no way I could have guessed correctly which band would be looking for a new frontperson. The reason? The band doesn't actually exist yet. It is a composite of rejects and leftovers from other bands and they call this new group Supernova. The "celebrity" of the group is none other than media whore Tommy Lee. After going to college for reality TV and keeping certain people entertained with the homemade porn he made with his wife, Pamela Lee Anderson, or whatever her name is now, Tommy Lee is trying again to make it in the world of TV. Ah well, that's good news for me. It frees up more of my evenings this coming summer.

Unless, that is, our own Damian Follett who is in the quarterfinals for being a Rockstar contestant, gets to the show. Then I'll have to watch and root him on.


At 10:18 PM, Blogger Robert said...

TV has gotten so sad in the last few years. I've pretty much given up on it. I figure the only reason I even own a set and pay for programming is that I've been brainwashed into thinking I need it. These days, I'd rather surf the net and listen to music in spare moments.

At 3:10 PM, Blogger Sure b'y said...

I'm still a TV addict but I'm a gemini and can do many things at once so I often write, surf the net, and watch telly all at the same time. Makes for more spare moments.


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