Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Weather watch

I know I may be beating a dead horse since I've already talked about this but there is another "tricky system" moving in and they are calling for 10-15 cms of snow, high winds, and blowing snow. Now, this system may go one way and cause less snow or may go another way and we could get a shitload of it. Perhaps, it could pass us altogether and rainbows could cover the island. The point is that it is after 1:00 PM on Wednesday and a storm that is due to start overnight tonight is still making the weather people scratch their heads (and asses). The weather network has been putting up a graphic of the weather for the next few days and for thursday they have a blank section with -2 temperature. I have come to realize that the big difference between now and years past is that the forecasters are just plain scared to make a prediction and be wrong. That may be as stupid as not predicting anything since we've never had much faith in the weather people anyway. We'll see. I predict a weather warning by this evening but we'll see what it is. Maybe a blizzard warning, maybe a wind warning, but probably that wonderful and easy cop-out, the "snow warning".


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