Tuesday, April 04, 2006

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There, I think that title may get a few people here through google searches and the like so now that I've got you here, if you have any interest in the sealing controversy/debate/industry/whatever, you MUST watch CBC Newsworld's The Lens (10pm ET/PT, 11:30 in Newfoundland) tonight for a documentary entitled My Ancestors were Rogues and Murderers. This explains the seal fishery and the people behind it, the people Paul Watson says (as he does of all Newfoundlanders) are like the members of the Third Reich. Surely such inflammatory, racist, nonsense as likening me to a Nazi because of where I was born and live, is reason enough to look at this issue with a level head and to watch a little something to tell you about this issue-the good, bad and the ugly of it. That's all I ask. Watch the show, listen to what it tells you, and try to understand. That's all.


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