Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Body Shop Sell Out

So, the Body Shop is getting some bad press for its sale to L'oreal. The Body Shop built its reputation on being an ethical company and using only products that test on animals. Then they sell to a company who has refused to stop its animal testing on cosmetics. Now, I'm not going to get into the whole larger animal-testing-for-medical-purposes debate here. I just know that I have only used "cruelty-free" cosmetics for years now. So, here's the thing. I have been going to Caring Consumer (from PETA) to find my lists of such products. I won't buy cosmetics on their "Tests on Animals" list and do buy from their "Don't Test on Animals" list. Been that way for several years now. I usually pick the Body Shop and Revlon to buy from and, as much as I'd love to try some of their products, shun Cover Girl cosmetics. I do not intend to change that. I think testing on animals so I can have mascara that gives me thicker lashes or lipstick that lasts longer is inane. But, looking at Caring Consumer's main web page and seeing Heather Mills McCartney's mug staring back at me, has made me question some of the information I've been getting. I'm fine with buying from the "Don't Test" crowd. If PETA says you're alright then you must be, but I am now questioning my boycott of other companies like the aforementioned Cover Girl and Olay (I need something for these rapidly appearing wrinkles, for God's sake!). After all, this is the same group that says the seal hunt is cruel and still uses white coats (illegal to kill for years) as its anti-sealing mascot. I'm going to stick to my boycott for now, but will definitely look more carefully into who my information about cosmetic testing on animals is coming from and how they get it. So, for me, for now, the Body Shop is off my shopping list.


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