Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Godd*&m Potholes

Spring brings great joy. Sunshine, lawns revealed by melting snow, temperatures above zero. But it brings other things as well. The melting snow has also revealed a winter of dog doo-doo on my lawn. Also, there are the potholes. Large, gaping, car-swallowing, strut-crushing caverns in the road which hide until you are on top of them only to jump out in the second before your tire becomes enveloped by them. I struck one the other day. It broke things in the bottom of my car like springs and struts. It took lots of money to repair it. So I am pissed off with potholes but I saw my first Robin of the year yesterday and this day is sunny and relatively warm so I have to move on and look forward to the summer. Be careful of the dreaded hiding potholes, readers, they are waiting for your car.


At 5:58 PM, Anonymous vickyth said...

Advisory heeded! Don't need to be crunching the heck out of our new vehicle!


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