Thursday, May 04, 2006

The good, the bad and the ugly 3

The Internet is an amazing thing. It can be used for everything from spewing neo-nazi hatred to searching for a way to end poverty; from making people laugh at cartoons to making people weep with a poignant true story. In a semi-regular feature, here are the good, the bad and the ugly for this week:

The Good:

Do you recive those annoying emails each and every friggin' day, telling you that some email petition needs to be signed (email petetions are the equivalent to spitting into the wind since none of them ever end up anywhere except back in my bloody inbox), or that a certain product will cause your head explode if you microwave it immediately after you wash your hair with some specific shampoo, or something equally idiotic? Well, is for you. Just go there, take a moment to insert a few keywords from your annoying email du jour and press search. Before you know it, Snopes will tell you whether the story is true or false (99.9% of the time it will be false) and probably tell you some legitimate information about the topic. If you take a few moments to browse around Snopes, you will find many familiar sounding emails. Stop the insanity now, bookmark Snopes and check it out before you press forward on your email.

The Bad

Upskirt sites

There are sites out there where you can find hidden camera shots called "upskirts" (or if that doesn't turn your crank, how about "downblouse" sites). Either way it is some pervert sneaking a camera in the toe of his shoe or bottom of a cane (or baseball cap in a downblouse) and taking shots up someone's skirt. These blurry, fuzzy, invasions of privacy are then uploaded to the Internet where people can browse them, often for money. I think this should be a pathetic test. If you need to see a woman's vagina so badly that this is where you look, then you are pathetic.

The Ugly

Remember all those hideous bridesmaids dresses you've seen? Maybe you have one hanging in your closet now, reminding you of the time you were forced to wear blue satin and a humongous bow. Well check out and maybe you will feel a little better knowing there are even uglier dresses out there than you wore. (And guys, there are ugly tuxes there for you.)

Coming soon: more pathetic tests. Suggestions are welcome.


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