Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Heather Crowe Dead at 61

Remember back a couple of years ago when there was an ad on TV telling of the dangers of second-hand smoke? Waitress Heather Crowe told her story of getting lung cancer despite never having smoked. Crowe succumbed to the disease over the weekend. Forty years of serving smokers and second-hand smoke, doctors said, was probably to blame for Crowe's diagnosis. Now Newfoundland and Labrador has cut out smoking in public places. I don't think the hospitality industry is too happy about that move but, as a reformed smoker, I am always pleased when I go into a restaurant or pub and there is no smoke there, no reason for watery eyes and my clothes don't stink when I leave.

I'm not sure how much Heather Crowe had to do with that but I remember how her story touched me in that ad. I know that she tried to take this rotten thing that happened to her and turn it around to something positive, to try and stop it from happening to others. She said,
"When you're done with your chemotherapy and (you're) on your knees at the toilet...this is when I made my decision I can never let this happen to someone else."
We should all be grateful to her for that and remember her for a moment.


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