Monday, May 29, 2006

Two leaders and a loss

A few things to blog about today. First of all, two of the province's political parties have new leaders. First Lorraine Michael was swept up in a humongous victory of 107-5 over Nina Patey. Ouch! Only five votes. Congrats to Ms. Michael and please, this is your chance to do it. Grab it and run with it. Get the rural vote out and get your districts set up and strengthened now, not when an election is called. This is it! If ever the NDP was in a position to become the official opposition in this province, it is now when we have the Liberals floundering around.

And speaking of the Liberals, they have a new leader. Gerry Reid, the interim leader pre- and post-Jim Bennett, has agreed to step up to the helm. Well, stay at the helm. I imagine it was all the Liberals giving him a poke and saying "come on, b'y, do it. Stay with it. Sure, you're the leader now anyway. Come on. Pleeeaaasssse. Pleeeaaasssse. Come on." Anyway, it worked. I'd say congrats but, you know, not really. More like, good for you for taking up the task.

And lastly, a sad loss for our province. Doris Saunders, the longtime editor of Them Days magazine, has passed away. Them Days was an invaluable recorder of Labrador history. Ms. Saunders had been struggling with the terrible Alzheimers Disease for a few years. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. Their loss is truly Newfoundland and Labrador's loss.


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