Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Who's in charge of this joint?

One joint. One single marijuana cigarette and a young girl is facing trafficking charges and a criminal record. Now, I don't know the details of this case so I am only talking about the one thing I know and that is that it was one joint. I have never used marijuana, honestly, not even to smoke it and not inhale. Just not my scene and I've seen enough people do enough crazy things while under the influence of the stuff that I never wanted to do it. Besides, it's not regulated so you don't know what kind of crap you're getting. And also, it stinks, to me.

I am for the decriminalizing of it. That is another issue, of course, because here we are talking about trafficking, not possession. If it was possession, then what could you say about it? You possess it, you can under the current laws, get charged with the offence. But trafficking? I mean, come on. Apparently trafficking means moving drugs from one person to another, be it selling, trading or even giving it. Lock us all up. I've sat in the crowd and had one passed to me but just passed it on since I don't partake. I bet most of you reading have done the same or more. Trafficking? That's not zero tolerance, that's crazy. This is a young girl with a possible future, who could have counselling and some education about drugs instead of a criminal record.

Seems to me that zero tolerance in the schools means that school administrations don't need to make decisions, don't have to decide who gets what punishment for what. Aren't decision making and deciding what to do in specific circumstances, the very things we should be teaching young kids about so they can do it when they get out into the real world (where, by the way, this girl would have probably just gotten a warning)? So, if the school has a no tolerance policy and that's the reason the RCMP charged her with trafficking, then who's in charge of this joint? The school or the cops? Seems like I'm not the only one passing things along.


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