Monday, June 05, 2006

3:30 and all's well

Well, John Gushue seems to have started something with his meme about songs on your computer that are 3:30 in duration. It's been interesting to see the lists of others, especially Heather's because we have a few songs in common. Not really a fair comparison of songs really because ripped songs can have different lengths based on different factors so one that I have that is 3:30 is 3:31 on your computer. Still, it is a little snapshot of a person, their music, maybe the music of their family members who you make CDs of old music for or music your kids like. I like it.

Oh, here's mine:

Weird Al Yancovich-Men in Brown
Barenaked Ladies-This Old Apartment
Fleetwood Mac-Tusk
Weezer-Island in the Sun
Smokie-Living Next Door to Alice
Pink-Don't Let Me Get to Me
Sarah Mclachlan- Shelter (Violin Mix)
Ron Hynes-No Kathleen
Eva Cassidy and Chuck Brown-The Shadow of Your Smile
Kris Kristofferson-Why Me, Lord
Charlie Pride--You're My Jamaica
Van Morrison-Into the Mystic
Doug Stone-I Thought it Was You
Vince Gill and Trisha Yearwood--An Angel Gets Its Wings
Nat King Cole-The Very thought of You
Elvis Presley-Just a Closer Walk With Thee
Avril lavigne-Don't Tell Me


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