Wednesday, June 07, 2006

MUN Branding

Ah, shag it, I'm going to weigh in on it. I'm talking about the new MUN (excuse me, MU logo). Others like Skylarkd, Cove Blogger, Owen's Mom, Townie Bastard to mention a few, (Skylard has a regularly updated list on her site) have been saying their piece so I'm not sure what difference my little voice will make but you never know. I mean, maybe some of those people who arrive here via googling "upskirt" and "downblouse" (there are lots of them) are MUN alumni or MUN profs or MUN administrators or MUN marketers, so I'll give you my 1.5 cents.

I don't like the new logo. I'm a traditional kind of person and I think the Memorial part is one of the most important parts of the University--you know, the fact that it was supposed to be a memorial to fallen soldiers. This logo does not relay any of that but its not about that anymore, forget about the people who died in the war, now its all about selling MUN and with that comes new logos and "branding", the new buzz word. MUN needs to sell itself to international and national students and rather than make it about programming and academic excellence, they figured a sparse new logo and pictures of people's sillhouettes filled with words or chemical symbols is the way to go. The lamest part of the "branding" is the use of the one word, "become." (with the period on the end) under the logo. I saw it recently in a promotional piece for something or another and I could not believe this sad logo with the word "become." underneath. Become what? Nauseated perhaps.

I don't like any of this. I went to MUN, not MU or Memorial University. I went to a university in Newfoundland (okay, Newfoundland and Labrador but when I went in it was still just simply Newfoundland). My university had the name of my province in it and I'm proud of that. To remove the name of our province from its logo is inane. And to think that some student in China or India or the U.S. who is considering attending the university will ignore its recognition in the international community and academic programs because there is a red rock/ cliff/ iceberg/ brick, a locationless name and "become." on the information they read about the university, doesn't say much for the level of student they are trying to attract. I'm told by people in the know that MUN (I'm calling it that, no matter what) is putting loads of resources into its Marketing and Communications Department. That department might be better off trying to spend some time and money repairing the damage done in the past year with things like the Wanda Young and Chandra cases than drawing cool pictures to represent it, all while trying to figure out how to not let people know where the university is.


At 9:04 AM, Blogger Robert said...

Googling "upskirt" and "downblouse"?


My mosr often recurring off-topic search string has always been:

"Jann Arden Lesbian"

I had no idea the public was so curious.

At 2:44 PM, Anonymous Mark said...

I think this topic has been commented to death, except one point. How does the old logo connote the war dead? It's a university crest with books and squiggly lines on it and some latin words that can be read only when the logo is 7 feet tall (most advertising precludes such large logos, unless you use a lot of folds). The old crest does say 'traditional' (and that's fine, if we think that that's how we want to be seen - I'm not sure how I feel about that when most universities in Canada are older than we are, and we're hardly a traditional place with a traditional method of teaching/learning), but I think we are navel-gazing beyond belief if we think that in any way, a prospective student would look at the old crest and say "oh, in memory of the war dead"). On some other points I agree, and others I do not, but I don't really even understand what you mean on the other issue.

I respect our roots, and I think MUN should do more to let people know its history, but I don't think the crest is connected to that, except maybe in a few people's minds.

At 3:17 PM, Blogger Sure b'y said...

See MUN's own explanation of the symbolism of the arms (scroll down a little to the section "Symbolism of the arms".


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