Friday, June 30, 2006

Of Political Scandals and Chips

Hmmm, that tasted interesting. Kind of sweet but really, really sour too. I can't decide if I like it or not. On the one hand, I'm a news junkie so I like when scandals hit the news, but on the other hand, I don't like that this scandal involves loads of money going out of the province's coffers.

But, it is kind of like Lays potato chips: you just can't stop. I want more! More info about all of this and the strange thing is the media ain't giving it. I want lots of deep, investigative reporting but it's like all the reporters are sitting back, twiddling thumbs, and waiting for John Noseworthy to throw them their next bone. Find out more yourselves, people. Let us know stuff. I know more from chatting around to a few people than you have reported on. There are lots of dots but no one seems to be connecting them unless it is in an AG report. The skeptic in me wonders if some of them know but this thing is so big even they are scared of it. They're like vulcanologists too scared to go near the volcano. Hey! It's your job.

Then part of me puts together little pieces like Tom Rideout telling a media scrum that if his name is on an invoice for MHA rings, it is a forgery. Then Jim Walsh says he doesn't know anything about the questionable companies or the payments to them and I wonder: is it possible that one bureaucrat inside the Confed Building forged documents and just used certain names of MHAs who, in fact, had nothing to do with it? Maybe that is why the reporters are backing off, because they know that and are waiting for more revelations. Still should be doing more digging, I think.

Tell us something. I don't care about where John Noseworthy comes from. Stop doing stories on him. He is not the story, he is only the instrument of its revelation and it's time you reporters stopped waiting for him to tell you stuff and went out and found it yourselves. I want to know about the people who took the money and what they spent it on and what their pasts are and how an accounting firm that was supposed to be auditing the government books could have missed all this. And I want to know when they're going to pay us back. Please, pretty please, tell us more. I know you may must have your reasons, dear reporters, but give me another chip, hey? And some more of those sour, sour candies.


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