Monday, June 19, 2006

Stats are not always boring

Ah , statcounter, I love you much. I like to think of my blog as something that might entertain or enlighten someone. If nothing else, it gives me a place to rant about things. But to the world, faithful readers, my blog is a place of smut and strangeness. In the last three days alone, I have had 15 people find my blog from searching "downblouse" and "upskirt" from places such as the US, France, Iran, and the UK. I wonder how these people feel when they come here and see that I have called them "pathetic" and "perverts" (if you're here now after googling "downblouse" and "upskirt" , I reiterate my opinion of you). Several people, over the months, have found my blog through googling "bleeding tongue". I worry about them at night before I go to sleep. Are their tongues still bleeding? Why were they bleeding in the first place?

These visitors are not even close to all the visitors from MUN's Marcomm Department. They are really interested in my blog. I still even get a few hits a week from people finding my posts on Danny Williams (some searching for "Danny Williams on Larry King" but the past couple of weeks it was all about finding something on Heather Mills--I wonder why the sudden interest in her?) No doubt, my traffic will increase now having retyped these words in this post. It's the statcounter cycle.

So, I am going to do a test. I am going to occasionally type a word or phrase in a post that I would not normally write about but which could be searched by people and see how many people come looking for it. Sorry if you have been hooked by this test but just know you are advancing the science of blogs (not really, but I thank you for coming by). So, here goes:

Ashlee Simpson. Okay, I had "golden shower" here but chickened out because I did not want to drag all the Internet porn pervs ( but if that kind of thing floats your boat, whatever) to my site. Of course, now I have Ashlee and the shower and even the word "porn" in my post. Alright I will leave them in but that's it. (To tell you the truth, I feel a little more disgusted with myself about typing Ashlee's name than the shower.)

I shall keep you apprised.


At 4:21 PM, Anonymous Grokodile said...

LOL! I found you on Technorati while searching for "increase blog readers", probably about the only non-porn phrase on your blog.

You may want to investigate other ways of getting traffic, because this method cheapens both you and your readers...


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