Friday, July 28, 2006

The One is cancelled

The shocks keep coming. First Lance Bass from 'Nsync announced he was gay and now ABC has cancelled reality show The One.

I do feel kind of bad for the kids on the show. To get this far and then not get to the end. I also kind of feel a teeny, tiny bit sorry for George Stroumboulopoulos but I am sure he will continue on, ego merely dented.

CBC News reports that: "As of Friday morning, there was no word from CBC-TV about whether ABC's move would affect plans for the Canadian version of the show". Nice to know they have their fingers on the pulse, what with the inside track and all.

Capote Redux

I see there is a new movie with Oscar buzz around it. It sounds interesting. It is about Truman Capote, his friendship with Harper Lee, and his research into two killers for his famous book In Cold Blood...

Woah, that was some major deja vu there. I bet you thought blogger shagged up somehow and had popped in an old post of mine. Nope. It is true. A new movie called Infamous will be released later this year, with Toby Jones as Capote and Sandra Bullock as Lee. The question is: Why? It seems to be a very similar story about similar subjects. Oh, people have redone things before but so close together? And after the first movie was so successful as to get multiple Oscar nominations, including Best Director and Best Picture and to win for Best Actor. I guess this new movie had already been shot before the other one came out or something. That is the only reason I could see for recreating what was already a great movie with fabulous performances. It will be interesting to compare the performances, if nothing else. I can't see Ms. Bullock doing any better than Catherine Keener who was so understated and wonderful in her role as Harper Lee.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Toronto Star Hits Rock Bottom

Well, they've been down there for a while, I guess, but now they put this BS in their paper, putting Newfoundland and Labrador down for having two literary festivals. I could throw up at crap lines like:
...the Woody Point festival is dedicated to the proposition that ``I's the by that writes the book, and youse the bys that reads 'er,'' while the Eastport festival theme is ``I's the by that writes the book, and youse the bys that reads 'er.


Anybody with a word processor can turn out a Newfoundland novel.

along with:

...every word they have written will be unintelligible to local ticket-holders...

I suppose this is supposed to be humourous. I think if the writer of this garbage (and the editor of the paper) thinks it is funny, then I'll always take Newfoundland and Labrador writing over anything in the Star, thank you very much.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The One Stinks

Pooh, get the stink off me. I couldn't help myself! As a quote from the new movie Clerks II says, I was disgusted and repulsed but I couldn't look away. Okay, I did look away: frequently. I kept flicking back and forth to The One in between watching Rockstar Supernova. I like the Rockstar shows because I enjoy the singers. I think Supernova, the new band is pretty lame, especially Tommy Lee but the singers rock and the house band makes the whole thing feel like I am watching a bunch of concerts in one hour. I will admit that this year's crop is not as good as last year's but hey, they are still pretty damned good.

But I digress. I have to say that anyone on Canadian Idol, actually anyone who has already been kicked off Canadian Idol, is better than anyone I saw on The One. My dear honourable Jesus, that was bad. I did not see the whole thing and I may have missed some talented people or maybe even the reason for the show. I kept thinking this new show might be like a spoof reality show that was on a couple years back where really awful singers were cruelly encouraged and told they were great and they thought they were being judged on how great they were when all along it was about finding the worst singer. That is what kept going through my mind when watching The One and seeing awful performances critiqued by judges I'd never heard of as they called the performances wonderful. I mean I laughed out loud at some of them and hubby announced that Paula Abdul couldn't even find something good to say about certain singers (but the judges on The One did).

I said I wouldn't watch the show but I kept turning back to it, during commercials in Supernova, trying to figure out if it was a spoof or not. The judges, the contestants, the set, the whole filming of the show, it was amateurish and, although I've said before here that I don't like him, George Stroumboulopoulos, was one of the better parts of the show (notwithstanding his constant nervous pulling on his jacket lapel evey time he spoke). At least now I know why George was tapped for the hosting gig so soon before the show was set to air--all the other hosts must have backed out when they saw it. I kept waiting for George to explode and go on one of his rants. His tongue must have been bleeding from biting it so hard 'cause, say what you want, the guy is not stupid and he had to know how awful the whole fiasco was. Now, if someone could just explain why CBC is simulcasting it (and bumping around the National for it), that would be good.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rehatching, Matching and Dispatching

Hatching, Matching and Dispatching will air again for the next six weeks. If you missed it the first time around or liked it enough to watch it again, then check it out at 8:30pm (9pm NL) .

Monday, July 17, 2006

Vote for Nikki Payne

Two time winner of the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Female Stand-up, Nikki Payne, is one of the finalists for the online Last Comic Standing contest. Her father is from Newfoundland and as she says in her blog, she spent all of her summers growing up here. I wouldn't ask you to vote for her only for that reason (yeah, I would) but because she is so damned funny. I have been a fan of hers for a long time so click here and if you agree, vote for Nikki. Vote now and vote often.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Pepsi is back (maybe)

Well, at least it looks like it. Carol Furlong says Browning Harvey, bottlers of Pepsi products in the province, have a tentative agreement with NAPE members who have been on strike for the last six weeks or so. Thank God, the boycott is over and we will be able to drink Pepsi products again.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Well, they can have him

George Stroumboulopoulos is going to be the new host of ABC's new reality show The One. I made fun of that show when I heard it was going to be on CBC. Now, any modicum of interest I had in watching it is gone. Stroumboulopoulos gets on my nerves to the point I just cannot watch him. He always seems to be trying to play the role of really cool guy rather than really being one. I give you his description of how he found out he got the gig:

Stroumboulopoulos said he was on vacation when he got the offer to host the talent search show, less than a week ago.

"I was riding my motorbike outside Chicago and I felt the vibration of the call in my leather jacket, but I didn't answer it," he said.

When he picked up the message, Stroumboulopoulos said he rode back to Chicago and got on the plane to Los Angeles.

Yes, George, you're so cool. You wear a leather jacket. I bet he wouldn't have been so specific if he had made some different decisions that morning:

"I was driving my Hyundai and I felt the vibration of the call in my nylon shell jacket, but I didn't answer it".

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Good the Bad and the Ugly 5

The Internet is an amazing thing. It can be used for everything from spewing neo-nazi hatred to searching for a way to end poverty; from making people laugh at cartoons to making people weep with a poignant true story. In a semi-regular feature, here are the good, the bad and the ugly for this week:

The Good

You know how you do a web search and come up with a million hits and even though you've searched something boring like pudding, suddenly you are clicking into weird sites where they do strange things with pudding? Well, says they can help you with that. I've been testing it and it seems to work amazingly well. It doesn't block the sites you might not want to see, just warns you about them by putting a big red x next to the questionable ones and a big green checkmark next to the seemingly okay ones.

The Bad

AIDS Myth sites.

I swear to God I am not making this up. There are sites out there that say AIDS is not associated with HIV, there is no such virus, and that it is therefore not sexually transmitted. They say people who have died from this disease have been poisoned by the medications to treat this non-existent illness. Oh and all those people in Africa dying with AIDS--turns out, they say, this is not true. They are dying from other things and the media is just making this epidemic up. Why is this myth happening? From what I read, and I'll be honest, it is pretty hard to wade through so I mostly skimmed, it is either because the doctors are too stupid to find the truth or because AIDS is a money-making scheme. Ugh.

The Ugly

David Hasselhoff Videos (link leads to a list of youtube search results--results may vary)

Okay, this is double the ugly. It is both ugly to look and ugly to hear. Check out any one of them and I dare say you will agree. Can you say fromage??? It's Kind of like slowing down to see an awful traffic accident. I just can't figure out which one I think is funniest. I mean Secret Agent Man kind of hypnotized me and then there's Rhinestone Cowboy and...oh, Jesus, look, it's Hooked on A Feeling, that might be my favourite. Did he get those backup singers from a 1970s variety show? I just can't choose. (You could kind of get a kick out of them since he seems to be parodying himself but then in the live performances he is really acting like he thinks he is the sexiest man alive and the screaming German audiences should really be screaming--and not with pain.)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

To inquire publicly or not, that is the question

Peeking my head out here to see if anyone is looking. I know I could get angry, gnashing of teeth from others for my opinion, but I am not sure that the answer to the political scandal of late is a public inquiry. I really, really want to know all the details and I want to go back to 1989 and find out who else might have been fiddling with the books but I don't think pouring millions more into this is the answer. I heard Jim Bennett this morning saying on the radio something to the effect that the government wanted to cover it all up with a police investigation. Huh? So a police investigation is covering it up?

It is in the hands of the justice department and the police and I'm sure Danny would go along with going back further if they wanted. But an inquiry will cost millions of dollars, most of it going in the pockets of the lawyers who will be working for the people called to testify. Yes, folks, the taxpayers have to pay for the lawyers of these people. We paid the legal fees of the inquiry for Chuck Guite and Chretian and all the rest of them during the Gomery inquiry. Those are the rules, to my knowledge. I think we are a public-inquiry-happy people around here and I think the only people that will come out any better after such an inquiry will be the lawyers. Sure, people may go to jail but I think the police investigation and justice department could manage that on their own if it is provable fraud. Didn't we just finish a public inquiry into the police and justice department so we could make sure they do their jobs better? Now that they've implemented much of the changes we asked them to make, we are not going to trust them to look after this?

The other thing I have to say about this is that the whole online petition thing does not seem to be working. Not for controversial things like this. In the petition calling for a public inquiry online (Jim Bennett said he has an online one too but I can't find it), there are 117 "signatures". 36 of them are signed "anonymous" and there are others signed more than once with the same name (no doubt, someone just pressed the submit button more than once by mistake). The same thing happened with the Don't Change the name of MUN petition--lots of anonymous which can't really count. I think the paper petition in the corner store is more the way to go for anything which might make people nervous to have the whole world know they signed their name to it.

Sure b'y, it's just what I think. Feel free to disagree but let's be nice about it.