Friday, July 28, 2006

Capote Redux

I see there is a new movie with Oscar buzz around it. It sounds interesting. It is about Truman Capote, his friendship with Harper Lee, and his research into two killers for his famous book In Cold Blood...

Woah, that was some major deja vu there. I bet you thought blogger shagged up somehow and had popped in an old post of mine. Nope. It is true. A new movie called Infamous will be released later this year, with Toby Jones as Capote and Sandra Bullock as Lee. The question is: Why? It seems to be a very similar story about similar subjects. Oh, people have redone things before but so close together? And after the first movie was so successful as to get multiple Oscar nominations, including Best Director and Best Picture and to win for Best Actor. I guess this new movie had already been shot before the other one came out or something. That is the only reason I could see for recreating what was already a great movie with fabulous performances. It will be interesting to compare the performances, if nothing else. I can't see Ms. Bullock doing any better than Catherine Keener who was so understated and wonderful in her role as Harper Lee.


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