Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The One Stinks

Pooh, get the stink off me. I couldn't help myself! As a quote from the new movie Clerks II says, I was disgusted and repulsed but I couldn't look away. Okay, I did look away: frequently. I kept flicking back and forth to The One in between watching Rockstar Supernova. I like the Rockstar shows because I enjoy the singers. I think Supernova, the new band is pretty lame, especially Tommy Lee but the singers rock and the house band makes the whole thing feel like I am watching a bunch of concerts in one hour. I will admit that this year's crop is not as good as last year's but hey, they are still pretty damned good.

But I digress. I have to say that anyone on Canadian Idol, actually anyone who has already been kicked off Canadian Idol, is better than anyone I saw on The One. My dear honourable Jesus, that was bad. I did not see the whole thing and I may have missed some talented people or maybe even the reason for the show. I kept thinking this new show might be like a spoof reality show that was on a couple years back where really awful singers were cruelly encouraged and told they were great and they thought they were being judged on how great they were when all along it was about finding the worst singer. That is what kept going through my mind when watching The One and seeing awful performances critiqued by judges I'd never heard of as they called the performances wonderful. I mean I laughed out loud at some of them and hubby announced that Paula Abdul couldn't even find something good to say about certain singers (but the judges on The One did).

I said I wouldn't watch the show but I kept turning back to it, during commercials in Supernova, trying to figure out if it was a spoof or not. The judges, the contestants, the set, the whole filming of the show, it was amateurish and, although I've said before here that I don't like him, George Stroumboulopoulos, was one of the better parts of the show (notwithstanding his constant nervous pulling on his jacket lapel evey time he spoke). At least now I know why George was tapped for the hosting gig so soon before the show was set to air--all the other hosts must have backed out when they saw it. I kept waiting for George to explode and go on one of his rants. His tongue must have been bleeding from biting it so hard 'cause, say what you want, the guy is not stupid and he had to know how awful the whole fiasco was. Now, if someone could just explain why CBC is simulcasting it (and bumping around the National for it), that would be good.


At 11:17 PM, Blogger John Mutford said...

I'm enjoying Rockstar too. Though, as you say not quite as much as last year- and yes, they put the Idol people to shame. I think how it falls from last year is for many reasons. As you say, the quality of the performers isn't quite as good- though Dilana kicks some serious butt! I liked last year on the elimination shows when they'd do an INXS song, this year with the fact that it's a new band, it can't be done. Still an elimination show on Rockstar beats any other elimination show where you'd normally only be interested in the last 5 minutes. The music this year, while quite similar to last year, doesn't quite make as much sense. Grunge Rock, Rock and even Pop (the Cars?!)- but no metal? I'd ask Mark Burnett the same question Gilby Clark asked Zayra- do you even own ANY of their music? I'd also agree with your assessment of Tommy Lee. I'd like for just one of those girls auditioning tell him to F- Off or even better, slap him with a sexual harassment suit. Essentially this is supposed to be a job interview- can you imagine going in and your potential employer asks you if you're wearing underwear? How come he can get away with such shit? Don't bother answering. I know why.

As for "The One" I only tuned in for two performances. One was horrendous, but the other was excellent. A guy did the Band's "The Weight" and did a PHENOMENAL job. But the potential for salvaging the show was ruined when one of the "expert" judges said he hadn't heard of it before. I know it's a Canadian song and all, but COME ON! We're not talking Moxy Fruvous! It's the freakin' Band! Expert my a--.


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