Friday, July 21, 2006

Toronto Star Hits Rock Bottom

Well, they've been down there for a while, I guess, but now they put this BS in their paper, putting Newfoundland and Labrador down for having two literary festivals. I could throw up at crap lines like:
...the Woody Point festival is dedicated to the proposition that ``I's the by that writes the book, and youse the bys that reads 'er,'' while the Eastport festival theme is ``I's the by that writes the book, and youse the bys that reads 'er.


Anybody with a word processor can turn out a Newfoundland novel.

along with:

...every word they have written will be unintelligible to local ticket-holders...

I suppose this is supposed to be humourous. I think if the writer of this garbage (and the editor of the paper) thinks it is funny, then I'll always take Newfoundland and Labrador writing over anything in the Star, thank you very much.


At 11:05 PM, Blogger Robert said...

I ignore all that rubbish. Bashing Newfoundlanders is the latest fashionable way for bitter 416ers to get noticed. Besides, with all the favourable things being said about the 'Newfoundland literary renaissance' this was bound to happen. All that rises gets viciously torn down, don't you know.

At 12:41 PM, Anonymous Huge Seagull said...

'Slinger' is the worst -- completely hopeless. His columns should not be read by anyone, ever. I have no idea why in the world he is still carried by the Star.


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