Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Well, they can have him

George Stroumboulopoulos is going to be the new host of ABC's new reality show The One. I made fun of that show when I heard it was going to be on CBC. Now, any modicum of interest I had in watching it is gone. Stroumboulopoulos gets on my nerves to the point I just cannot watch him. He always seems to be trying to play the role of really cool guy rather than really being one. I give you his description of how he found out he got the gig:

Stroumboulopoulos said he was on vacation when he got the offer to host the talent search show, less than a week ago.

"I was riding my motorbike outside Chicago and I felt the vibration of the call in my leather jacket, but I didn't answer it," he said.

When he picked up the message, Stroumboulopoulos said he rode back to Chicago and got on the plane to Los Angeles.

Yes, George, you're so cool. You wear a leather jacket. I bet he wouldn't have been so specific if he had made some different decisions that morning:

"I was driving my Hyundai and I felt the vibration of the call in my nylon shell jacket, but I didn't answer it".


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