Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Not so Sharpe song selection

I haven't posted about Canadian Idol before. But today I fear we might lose our own CI contestant. He hasn't been in the bottom three before and his singing is always flawless with an amazing voice (especially for a 16 year old) so maybe I am way off, but Craig Sharpe's song selection the past couple of weeks has not highlighted his talents. Take last night. The theme for this week was Unplugged as in acoustic, no electric instruments. This is the kind of opportunity you use to choose a song heavy on voice and light on music. There are loads of songs Sharpe could have done that with. But he sang what is a rocking, bass-pounding, song loaded with electric hooks in Bon Jovi's It's My Life. Listening to the piano clinking away in places where big bass punctuations should have been was hard and the song did absolutely nothing to highlight Craig's awesome voice. Ashley Coulter picked brilliantly and did Roy Orbison's Crying. The rest of the Idols picked well also and my concern is that Craig was the least of them all. I think the guy is probably trying to show a different side but last night was not the time to rock. I just hope he gets another chance.


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