Tuesday, August 29, 2006

On political correctness

A couple of things of late have made me dwell on political correctness. First, the plane crash skit in the Emmy Awards on Sunday night. I love awards shows but this one was duuuuuullllll. The opening skits with Conan O'Brien were the only really entertaining part of the night. But still, when I saw him spoofing Lost by being involved in a plane crash at the beginning of the show, I was a bit surprised--not because it bothered me, but because I knew people would be outraged. I was surprised NBC didn't pull it, considering a plane had crashed in Kentucky and killed 49 people that morning (no, not the plane crash with 170 people killed in the Ukraine last week--that wasn't a consideration). They didn't show a crash and the implication of the crash occurred while in the air (the plane which crashed in Kentucky that morning barely got of the ground), so why did I think NBC would have pulled it? PC-that's right. Political correctness. Don't piss the people off by showing a flood on tv after there's been a big flood (only in the US--if the flood killed hundreds but in a foreign land, well, that's okay because it's not them). That is the rule of PC-TV.

Then there is the Survivor debate. Survivor has decided to fly in the face of political correctness and is starting their next season by separating teams along racial lines with Caucasians, Asian-Americans, Latino-Americans, and African-Americans competing against each other. Hubby and I discussed this and he sees no biggie with it. Normally, I would agree because I think this PC stuff goes way too far. But this is the US, people. A place where African-Americans had to fight (and die) for the right not to be segregated. It is kind of like having a German version of Survivor and having Jews as their own separate tribe. It just feels wrong. Anyway, CBS and Survivor producer Mark Burnett know what they are doing: the publicity has been nearly constant and here I am blogging about Survivor before it even starts. And isn't publicity what it's all about?


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