Thursday, October 12, 2006

No debate over the Turner report

So my call to arms regarding the Turner report has created zero discussion. Not because people did not read it, they did, or at least they visited the page. I could be disheartened that new logos and car commercials can cause more Internet natter, but I am not. The nature of this beast called blogging is that it gets hot and heavy when there is something to debate. I think the Zachary Turner report needs no debate. Everyone agrees that it is an aborrhent situation and that the system failed him. No need to debate that issue, no banter necessary. I guess the debatable thing is what should happen because of it. The one lone anonymous commenter to my last post suggested that politicians, the ministers of the relevant departments, should resign. That doesn't seem the right answer to me. I think it is the bureaucrats that should go, the higher ups in the department, those that know what is going on--the deputy ministers, managers and supervisors. No one in the department wants to comment because they cannot comment on specific cases, but surely it is not hard to figure out who was there and who knew what, when. I hope some heads roll soon, and I hope the changes needed in the system happen soon enough to save the kids in the system now from winding up like Zachary Turner.


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