Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Protecting the kids

I'm feeling sad for the kids these days. First it was the shootings in the school in Pennsylvania. What could you imagine would be safer than an Amish one-room school house in Pennsylvania? I mean, really? I have been thinking about it a lot. I can't stop, in fact. It keeps me tossing and turning through the night. I just imagine those peaceful people, trying to keep their lives away from the outside world. How can they accept, or anyone accept for that matter, their daughters being lined up in school, handcuffed and executed? I saw a picture of an Amish man looking up at the helicopters that now infiltrated his community, dragged there by grief and unspeakable horror. The look on his face haunts me. This whole thing makes me wonder if we shouldn't all lock our kids away, to somehow try to protect them from what is out there, to hide them from the outside world. Then again, that didn't really work for the Amish, did it? It is an awful, perfect lesson in the fact that we cannot protect them from everything.

Then I read about the report on the death of Zachary Turner. No surprises there, but you can't help but fight back the tears for the little boy who did not have to die and for his grandparents who must be so very frustrated every day at the thought that their son and grandchild are gone and that, at least in the case of young Zachary, it could have, should have, been prevented. There are questions like was it the fault of individuals or the child protection system? Well, yes it was the system. ANyone who knows a social worker who has come out of university in the past few years, knows someone who worked at Child Protection. It is the entry-level, ditch digging job of the social work world. You go there and punch your time until you get enough experience and can move onto something else better. And you complain because the workload is crushing. That is the system: on the job training for social workers overloaded with way too many cases because there are way too few social workers.

Child Advocate Darlene Neville says that, due to fundamental problems in the Child Protection system, there are children under that department's protection that are at risk right now. Well, people, who the hell cares about our new brand for Newfoundland and if it looks like pitcher plants or bakeapples? The blogging community in and from this province has made enough noise to make the news about things like our reaction to MUN's new brand and the Nissan commercial. Well, let's get pissed off and let's get active and do something about this. Let's make some noise. These are our kids and this is beyond ridiculous. I don't have a clue what we can do to change this but let's put our heads together and try.


At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the powers that be should stop sitting on the fence and actually fire those responsible.

I don't hold with the different government 'departments' taking the blame. Departments are inanimate entities run by PEOPLE. People have made, and continue to make, mistakes that cost other people their lives. They should be held accountable.

However, how on earth can you sack your father, uncle, mother or cousin? This province runs on nepotism. It has to stop. The only way to stop the endless injustices here is to stop families handing power, and positions of privilege, to their family members, albeit behind a smokescreen of 'distant-relative' status.

Outsiders need to be brought in to this province to take over the reins. There just aren't enough capable people in this province to fill the positions that are available in the important, life affecting areas of government; namely, social services and justice. I don't know if the ones who should be doing their jobs properly don't know how to do them right or whether they just don't care.

The culture of secretive, nepotistic entitlement is so prevalent in this province that yet another injustice will never be put right. A child died unnecessarily. A family was destroyed.

What's a few incompetents fired from their jobs compared to the murder of a child?

If only a million dollars had been spent on the recruitment of top class personnel instead of some retarded provincial logo that anyone with half a brain could have created on their home PC, for a few bucks, in their spare time.

Oh, and by the way, Tom Osborne is the head honcho, he should take the responsibility and resign his post, as should Tom Marshall. They get the big bucks, they should also take the responsibility when something awful happens, but they won't will they? That's Newfoundland for you!


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